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The staffs are the assets of our organization.
They are important to our success and without them we will fail. Their abilities and skills should be nurtured and developed. In a young organization such as ours, a “culture” is still to develop - care must be taken to foster a positive and desirable culture. Several approaches will be used to influence the culture and to focus on developing our team, ensuring that they are enthused with Koru and develop long term careers with us:


A career mentoring program will be used to support the consultant and provide a framework within which the consultant can draw on support and guidance. This is particularly important in our environment where the consultants are rarely in the office.

Managed Business Objectives

A MBO program will be used to encourage the types of behaviour that will assist the organisation reach its targets as well as encourage the employees to extend themselves.


Employees will have access to the appropriate levels of training in order for them to maintain their knowledge of the product and services, and enhance their skill set. A training strategy will be developed and will outline the forms of training that will be applied e.g. CBT, class room, research etc.
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